The 4th edition of the Experience Design Event took place on November 11-13, 2015 at Designhuis Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

The event was successful, attracting over 150 international delegates at the seminar and the hackathon, and provided great intellectual and social interaction for the participants.

Who was there to speak?

The seminar on November 11 focused on the topic “Physical experience meets virtual experience and vice versa”.

Top speakers from Dolby Labs, MediaLAB Amsterdam, Design Driven City Helsinki, European Centre for Experience and Transformation Economy, Persona Academy, Living Lab, Stratumseind 2.0, City of Eindhoven, Museum Rotterdam, Erasmus University, DITSS, World of WAW, Wennekes’ office for imagination provided brilliant insights into key areas of interest.

The hackathon on November 13 focused on the theme “City Design Experience”. We set 3 x 3 areas to create strategy: Offering Inner City, Experience Inner City and Quality of Public Space Inner City from the perspective Living in the City, Working in the City and Staying in the City. To come to this strategy we had 6 teams of 5 participants joining us in this effort. The 6 teams were divided in three sections to have a broad view on strategic options. Internal Stakeholders, External Experts and International & Talent.

What happened?

Speakers and participants lined up to showcase and discuss topics related to the main issues in focus.

On November 11, news and opinions were shared during presentations on interesting topics such as:

  • “Creating Meaningful Brand Experiences”
  • “Design Driven City Helsinki”
  • “Value Creation through Experience”
  • “Design Across Cultures – A Common Language for the Design Field to Foster Experience-Driven Innovation across the Globe”
  • “Understanding (irrational) customer behavior”
  • “Influencing customers within retail and foodservice by experience design”
  • “Experiencing the city: city museums and urban engagement”
  • “De-escalate at Stratumseind: Studying the effects of dynamic lighting on aggression in a naturalistic setting”
  • “Economy of Data”
  • “Mixed reality: the future of mobile marketing”
  • “Virtual Reality Experiences for (p)leasure and education”
  • “TRILLION community policing at Stratumseind”
  • “Project Living Lab”

On November 13, the Municipality of Eindhoven hosted in close cooperation with Citymarketing agency Eindhoven365 a City Design Experience Hackathon. The event was part of the development of a new strategy for the inner city area of Eindhoven and gathered around 50 participants who hacked for the future of the city of Eindhoven.

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Who attended?

The conference gathered over 100 international attendees and speakers from renowned companies, governmental organisations, research and educational institutes, designers and consultancy firms, while the hackathon brought together around 50 participants.

Attendees 2015

We want to thank all speakers, partners and attendees for their presence.

We hope to see you again at the next edition of the Experience Design Event or one of the other conferences of Jakajima!

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