Where will Pokémon Go take augmented reality?

It’s the hottest game in the world right now, but what do games developers think of Pokémon Go, and where do they think its success will take augmented reality?

Pokémon Go hit the UK app store right smack in the middle of Brighton’s game developer conference Develop, and it seemed suddenly the entire indie community was flicking Pokéballs into hotel corners to try and snag some of the city’s omnipresent Voltorbs and Magnemites.

“I hope some of my friends get well-paying work making doomed clones of Pokémon Go,” tweeted indie developer George Buckenham (Beasts of Balance) in the wake of Go’s release. We thought we’d ask those from the indie studios here at Develop how they were planing to capitalise on its success and what kind of pitches they had at the ready for when augmented reality (AR) investors come knocking for their own revamps of Pokémon Go.

Despite the game’s widespread popularity, and a Gyarados and a Ponyta in the press room, some remain unconvinced that it has opened the doors for a new wave of AR games. There are those who question whether it’s simply taking a new kind of Pokémon game on to a new platform, while others hope that the social aspect of Pokémon Go’s AR might encourage more fun, silly, and joyful AR play. Read more

Source: theguardian.com; image: digitalspy.com

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